Travel Gear You Should Have

Add a little bit of body textOur weekly Tuesday post will focus in on great gear you can buy online! We’ll focus in on a variety of items that may help travel or you may like to have along the way.

VicTsing Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker – $20.99 and it’s on sale! 

What others are saying

“Brilliant is my best way to describe this speaker, you can take it anywhere without worrying about water, dirt, snow etc.”

“Setting it up took me about 20 seconds and didn’t have to read the manual.”

Poweradd 14W Foldable, Portable Solar Panel Charger – $49.99

What others are saying

“This solar panel would be ideal for outdoor use by campers and anyone who needed to charge a phone, iPad, or a USB rechargeable battery, GPS or flashlight. This product is great for emergencies when you lose power.”

“It worked VERY well on a camping trip to Joshua Tree. While others were crowding around a gasoline-powered generator to recharge their phones, I recharged for free. It took about 4 hours of almost direct sunlight to recharge a Samsung Note 3 with a BIG battery.”

Allen Sports Aluminum Folding 2-Bike Rack – $50.06

What others are saying

“I guess my opinion is obvious. I have had a lot of bike racks over the years and this may be the last one I will have to get. It is compact, it is easy to put on and take off, and it holds the bikes securely. Everything that I could ask for.”

“Is this for the person that drives all over and bikes constantly, I would say no. Get a true rooftop carrier. But for the weekend rider that does not want a rack always attached this folding design, light weight and ability to handle two bikes makes it a winner.”

Gerber Warrant Knife – 24.89

What others are saying

“This knife came hair shaving sharp out of the box and no problems with it whatsoever. The sheath is very high quality, and comes with a leg strap as well.”

“it totally surprised me, good size, love the tanto style and full tang construction. the sheath was a surprise and love the leg attachment option. would deff recommend this blade for the price.”


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