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Why markets should always be on your itinerary ( I love markets and this is a fantastic reason why I go and you should too)

10 USA-Made Products You Never Knew Existed ( All things you will want)

The Most Radical Adventure We’ve Ever Seen ( This will feed your will to adventure)

17 Tech Related Travel Questions (and Answers!) (You will want these answers)

National Park Foundation Partners with Anheuser-Busch (A partnership for the ages)

A Quickie Escape to Great Wolf Lodge (Have family? Should getaway)



Weekly Resource Highlight | Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers-treesThis week we want to introduce you to a favorite trip planning resource. This resource is a fantastic app you will fall in love with.  This app and website are so valuable when traveling the United States. Plan out your destination and find awesome excursions, good eats and more along the way and at your vacation spot. Roadtrippers is even beneficial if you are looking for something to do around where you live.

I have used this tool to find waterfalls, restaurants and more. Roadtrippers is easy to use and satisfying in the way it provides information. Each thing it finds for you is packed with pictures, hours of operation, reviews and more. Here are a few pros and cons of this service.


Not every establishment is found on it and thus it leaves things out still.

Roadtrippers is newer and thus reviews/votes are not as full, look other places to compare reviews on activities, dinners and stays.

Trip planning isn’t the easiest, but it has improved over time, or I’ve gotten better at it.

Roadtrippers is only United States based for now.


Roadtrippers has both Apple and Android Apps.

Many activities, food locations and hotel locations are found on the tool.

Roadtrippers is a comprehensive tool, it includes many more features than typical travel resources.

You can connect navigation apps to it easily.

Roadtrippers has both apps and an active website.

Their blog is “on point”

The suggestion: Try the app for a trip and comment below how it helped or worked out!

Travel Gear You Should Have

Add a little bit of body textOur weekly Tuesday post will focus in on great gear you can buy online! We’ll focus in on a variety of items that may help travel or you may like to have along the way.

VicTsing Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker – $20.99 and it’s on sale! 

What others are saying

“Brilliant is my best way to describe this speaker, you can take it anywhere without worrying about water, dirt, snow etc.”

“Setting it up took me about 20 seconds and didn’t have to read the manual.”

Poweradd 14W Foldable, Portable Solar Panel Charger – $49.99

What others are saying

“This solar panel would be ideal for outdoor use by campers and anyone who needed to charge a phone, iPad, or a USB rechargeable battery, GPS or flashlight. This product is great for emergencies when you lose power.”

“It worked VERY well on a camping trip to Joshua Tree. While others were crowding around a gasoline-powered generator to recharge their phones, I recharged for free. It took about 4 hours of almost direct sunlight to recharge a Samsung Note 3 with a BIG battery.”

Allen Sports Aluminum Folding 2-Bike Rack – $50.06

What others are saying

“I guess my opinion is obvious. I have had a lot of bike racks over the years and this may be the last one I will have to get. It is compact, it is easy to put on and take off, and it holds the bikes securely. Everything that I could ask for.”

“Is this for the person that drives all over and bikes constantly, I would say no. Get a true rooftop carrier. But for the weekend rider that does not want a rack always attached this folding design, light weight and ability to handle two bikes makes it a winner.”

Gerber Warrant Knife – 24.89

What others are saying

“This knife came hair shaving sharp out of the box and no problems with it whatsoever. The sheath is very high quality, and comes with a leg strap as well.”

“it totally surprised me, good size, love the tanto style and full tang construction. the sheath was a surprise and love the leg attachment option. would deff recommend this blade for the price.”

Travel Blog Link Round-Up

Link Round-upEach week I’ll post up a link round-up of my favorite links that I think may excite you or help you in your travel endeavors. I will aim to include 5 to 10 good links with pictures, information and more. Comment your thoughts below and share your links for me to share next week. Next week I will be commenting on each as well. Come back and check it out!

How to Travel the World in a Wheelchair

How to Book the Most Relaxing VIP Vacation of All Time

9 amazing sights to see on a luxury tour of Indonesia

3 of the best Greek islands for family escapes


Sleeping under the stars on the Great Barrier Reef


Weekly Resource Highlight | Wayn

Resource Highlight Intro: Each week I will choose a resource that either interests me or I feel could be useful to you. Check it out on Wednesdays and comment your thoughts and Waynexperiences about using the resource.

This week I want to share the resource Wayn with you.  Wayn describes themselves like this…

WAYN App connects you to the world’s largest social travel community, allowing you to:
Explore destinations for inspiration for your next trip,
– Discover the top-ranked destinations for various activities
– View and add tips about destinations,
– Share your travel experiences with others in a fun and easy way,
– Get inspired by new platform packed with travel related reads
– Ask and answer questions from fellow travellers,
– View and interact with beautiful photos,
– Add your own photos of your favourite destinations,
– Find new friends,
– Connect with other travellers,
– For the curious among us, upgrade to VIP to find out who’s been looking at your profile.

My experience with their system was and is good. They offer a fun and user friendly interface, almost game like, the way they handle things. They allow for you to find places to visit, build your profile and interact with others. My suggestion is to get an account with them and use it as much or little as you desire. It will come in handy in booking hotels and other activities, they even have a great way to see locations with other’s photos. Lastly I think it is always a good to get reviews and more information about a place before you visit. They have made a fantastic avenue for you to read up on your destination before you visit (Example: Vancouver).

Apple App

Android App



The Creation and Ideas Behind “Creative Travel Guide”

cropped-forest-jogger-jogging-4171.jpegI have thought a lot about travel and I enjoy travel. One of my most common thoughts is when I travel, where will I eat, sleep, hike, and more? I am starting this blog to better teach myself and you how to plan for travel. It will serve to enable each and every one of us to better enjoy the places we end up and to take in the best food, entertainment and more. Please join me on this blog experience and we’ll learn together to travel creatively.